Sonntag, 24. November 2013

End of the trimester...

Hey guys

Ok, today i finally have a little time to upload some pictures :)

The school trimester is over tomarrow. We have the 2 last finals and then we get off school at 12:10 and then  I'm going to st. george and then to vegas for 2 days with my hostmom and her daughter (what means melissa and braidyn are coming too :D) I'm so so so excited!!

Time flys by so fast! And sometimes the languages are really confusing. Sometimes I think that my friends are talking german to me even if thats impossible haha ,and then i answer with a mix of german and english... thats so funny! and then sometimes when i watch tv i think they just spoke german but then the next second they're speaking english. Yeah, and then when i skype i don't know how to explain something right and then the sentence is something like: "ich will min,... äähm... driverslicense... hää? wart... was heisst das scho wieder?... ah ja füererschin!! Ja de willi mache haha..."
or i always say like or because when i skype... whats kinda creepy hahaha but it's really funny too ;)

Targhee the skiresort opend friday... so i probably go snowboarding really really soon :D

I hope you guys are all doing good... I'm here for 4 months now and i love my life here! But I miss my old life and i can't wait to see you all soon!

Love you
AnnA <3

Trying to skate- and longboard

Wonderful day :)

My first somores 


Thanks to EF... Making smores 

Does it look like i'm eating him?

on our way to school 

school is so boring

I'm in school and my friends in switzerland are going to bed

we made hot dog mummies!! yumm


Ghost cupcake :P

You're gonna die...

Halloween... party poopers->didn't dress up

Thanks for making me a zombie

Melissa and Bridyn came to visit us :)

one more day of school...

Our gym :)

Roadtrip to Utah

Not everything here is huge 

went for a short hike

Hot springs 

The water was so hot :O

sunday morning... church time

love this girl


I miss my girls so much

Hug an exchange student day 

going fo a run 

Hug us

Madison exchange students 


we made no-bake-cookies... deliscious


November 11th... happy birthday Kristina<3 and 111 days in the USA

normal school day

Movie night

First snow *_*

Best cereal ever!!

Skyping with my crazy family... my friends are in love with my cousin haha

Unicorns :D

Italy and Switzerland


Italy, Germany and Switzerland

bianca, mateo and i 

Switzerland, italy and brazil 

best exchangstudents ever

we are colored :S

skyping with my buddy 

skyping with my sister :*

Miss my best friend so much

OMG! Joelle's :"ich kill dich" blick

After the paintparty...

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