Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

Bilder vo de letschte paar wuchene

Uf em Weg nach St. George

So en feine schoggi shake gsi :D

Utah *_*


So genial gsi

Preparing for thanksgiving dinner

mir hend sogar dusse chene esse (mami du hetsch das gliebt!)

Mal so en ganz normale garte für es alts ehepaar wo ellei wohnt :P

Happy thanksgiving

Food *_*

Let's get it started :D
My plate

so sunny in st. George

off to VEGAS

Awsome lights

sHotel womer gsi sind: Stratosphere

Drinking Arizonas in Arizona

Kein kommentar :P

Ussicht über Vegas vo üsem hotel (sgröschte building in amerika!)


es het bahne uf em hotel gha :S

I'm gambling :) (making some money ;))

Ganz es normals hotel in Vegas :)

Hello Mr. Snowman

Paris :D

Caesars palast :O


Flower Power


We getting married? :D

So sunny! Melissa from holland :)

you know... just calling some friends

Winniiiiiiie :D

In love with minions *_*

Awsome lights at temple square Utah, salt lake

No school because the power is out

Missing my family tradition:(

Snow in my backyard, finally!

Finally got my package! Thank you mami <3

It's a little bit chilly outside :)

facetime with my favorite

Candle light dinner

making crêpes for my friends

I totally see myself as a professional painter

Hmm, yeah we just woke up and had to get something

love my new hostsister :)

Christmas is coming close

body sculpting is fun :)

I made chocolate flowers, and it looks like my friends like them 

having a fake lockdown (just in case, it's gonna happen sometime)

guys :P

I love oranges 

Off to salt lake

roadtrip to salt lake

also love this girl! my other new hostsister... we'll see how it's gonna work out sharing a room 

finally... found caprese in a restaurant :)

wish we could go to vegas again

new hostfamily

getting our christmas shopping done

the mall

I'm excited for next year :))

skyping my family on christmas eve


i love you all

oh tannenbaum, schiess purzelbau?? :D

i love you mami

"oh, du fröhliche..."

who's singing better?

I just miss you guys so much

he just loves my teddybear

whats upp??

christmas socks :)

second time skyping at christmas


my first stocking :D (ich füer die tradition ide schwiz i)

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