Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Pictures from the last past weeks!

Double rainbow over my friends house :)

Pyjama day

Powderpuff night

of course the Seniors won :)

On our way to see where my hostmom worked for a week

Nice place 

Having fun

I would not want to live here

Olivia is freaking me out :P


Dancing like there's no tomorrow

we are so tired after this trip!


Ready for school? :S

First impression from Oregon

Such a terd! Always winning :S

Walking to the beach


climbing up the sanddunes like 3 times

So wonderful 


Sunset at the beach

Looking for starfish

On our way back

lost in the desert :S

Love my life here

Feeling like a little kid again

Went swimming

Yeah that's how we spent our evening ;)

Those people i miss the most :( I love you

My first pumpkin :)

Just exchange students :)

Pumpkiiiin :D

Craving our pumpkins

Exchange student experience!

Working out: running up these stairs like 10 times

Relax :)

2 AM! yes i'm tired

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