Samstag, 21. September 2013

Homecoming Week

This week was homecoming in school and it was a great new experience!! 
Monday was Pyjama Day and tuesday back to the 70 & 80s! Duck Dynasty day was on Wednesday and then Clashday and on Friday was Spiritday (school colors: red, white, grey!) 
This week was amazing even if not everyone was dressed up right ;) 
We got off school at 11:45 today because we had the homecoming football game! I didn't go because my friends and I planned on going to the ride zone to ride the go carts but finally we endet up watching some movies and it was actually so much fun :)
Tomorrow is the homecoming dance and it's actually not a really big event here! Everyone is like: "Homecoming is so boring bla bla bla!" I actually really wanted to go to experience all this new stoff but i really don't feel like going because no one is and i'm gonna hang out with some friends tomorrow! There are so many other dances! :D 
Oh and Jeanene came home yesterday, so i'm not staying with Kim anymore! It was so fun with her family but i'm glad to be back anyways ;)!!

I miss you guys so crazy and i can't wait to finally see you again!! 
Love you all <3

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